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There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a
typewriter and bleed.
—Ernest Miller Hemingway

To some people writing can be really frustating, but to some
other it may be a piece of cake. Putting ideas into words
is literally a challenging activity and becomes even more taxing
when it is assigned to students who are non-native speaker of

I have therefore been genuinely ecstatic about this book in
which four students of mine demonstrate good command of
English as seen in the stories of their own. While composing a
work of fiction is not easy, telling stories in written English has
certainly required a determined effort.

The fact that they completed every task well has made me
positive about their writing career in the future provided that
they keep practising and ‘bleed’ in every possible way to grab
the opportunity to grow and benefit others.

I am hoping this anthology is not a final goal for those lucky
four whose stories are published in this book. Instead, it is an
integral part of creative process that will encourage them as well
as other students to keep on trying and writing without being
easily satisfied.

It is finally imperative to remember that a big dream begins
with a little step or in this case a small piece of writing.

Love you always,
Ms. Muna Sungkar


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