Metanoia – Kumpulan Cerpen – Alma Rizky Hasanah … [et al.]


While the pandemic has subsided, our struggle against Covid-19 is not yet halted. Economic impact is inevitable and campus life is getting even more challenging as study should take place in an awkward setting where digital convenience is to be assured. While meeting students in person is ideal to transfer knowledge, digital presence has been a logical solution to have during the outbreak of the hazardous virus.

This book includes the works of five students who have completed a writing class at the English Literature Department in Universitas Islam Sultan Agung, Semarang. The book emphasizes that writing is indeed an acquired skill and takes a lot of practice in order someone to be successful. Talent does matter, but a determined effort is to be made to become a successful writer or author.

The positive development from where students have started and have finally gained self confidence to make what they want to happen is something worth noting. The stories indicate not only the good command of English and strong skill in composition but also the insightful effort of getting their voices heard.

The natural interest in learning English as well as the exuberance of the writing class has been valuable energy that makes them enthusiastic about putting ideas into writing and will therefore have readers enjoy the composition in many possible ways.

Metanoia refers to change in one’s way of life that results from repentance or spiritual conversion. Reading the stories in this book will create better undemanding about the world of the youth. Their life is full of challenge and exploration that help them shape the true journey with readiness to welcome surprises while realizing every aspiration.


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