Inovasi Penerbangan Global – Afen Sena

Penulis: Afen Sena

Penerbit: Halaman Moeka Publishing

Tahun: 2020

ISBN: 123456789

Without exception of the aviation world, the development of technology and innovation is not growing linearly, clean and predictable but rather forming unexpected peaks. This comes as a surprise too many people. Global Aviation Innovation is a book that specifically highlights those peaks. (H.E. Abdul Kadir Jailani – Ambassador Republic of Indonesia to Canada/ Representative of Republic of Indonesia to the ICAO)

A Book that is very enlightening to the aviation community. The world of aviation technology development always identifies with various recent technology advancements and in line with the dynamic world of aviation which always strives for the highest level of aviation safety, efficiency, security and the environment.  This book is a surveillance tool that assists with the understanding and the implementation of related innovations. (Wendi Aritenang, PhD – Environmentalist)

Writers are academics and real players in the aviation business are experts in theory and practical application.  Their international experience and technical knowledge is noteworthy. Innovation is derived from their daily experiences that triggered the reason for addressing a problem. Enjoy and Happy reading (Dr. Cris Kuntadi – Senior Advisor to The Minister of Transportation on Logistic, Multimodal And Safety of Transportation)

This book that includes an interesting and comprehensive analysis to the latest situation in the aviation industry gives best perspective of innovations in navigating the aviation industry during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Before the Covid-19 Pandemic, we were familiar with terminology in aviation industry as 3S + 1C, or Safety, Security, Services and Compliance. But, due to the pandemic, it changed too 3S + 2C, or Safety, Security, Services and Covid Compliance. 3S is mandatory to comply with regulations and protocol issued by the World Health Organization earlier, in anticipating the spread of Covid-19. The only way to increase the performance of 3S +2C is by implementing innovation technology effectively and efficiently. The Global Aviation Innovation book will further assist the aviation industry in addressing the relevant issues. Happy reading and happy innovation (Dr. Ir. Muhammad Awaludin, MBA – CEO of PT Angkasa Pura II)

This book provides us with a new horizon of innovation in aviation industry. Challenges and opportunities facing the Covid-19 pandemic that forever changed the global role of humanity in the aviation industry are included in the book. The development of digital technology in the aviation industry, provides a competitive atmosphere to all the stake holders. I hope this book will feed the interest of people in the future technology of the aviation industry. Enjoy this inspiring book (Ir. Denon Prawiraatmadja – Chairman of Indonesia National Air Carrier/ President Director of Whitesky Aviation)

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