Hot 40s: healthy, optimistic, trhriving – Hassan Mulyadi


Life begins at 40. Does it really? When I was 40, 4 years back, I realized that I was hospitalized three times before. Out of the three, the most severe illness that forced me to the hospital was when I suffered from kidney stones. I didn’t consider myself a fit person to start with and went to the gym occasionally. It was only when I was 35 that I started exercising at the gym on a regular basis. Honestly, I was pudgy right up to when I was 20 when National Service1 helped me lose some excess weight and got me into shape. Presently, I’m in better shape than I was ever before despite having to still deal with a history of high blood pressure which I inherited from my parents. So far, thank God, I haven’t had to rely on any medication.

As a Physical Education teacher for almost two decades and a Crossfit Coach, I observed that young children as well as youths (The ‘Millennials’) of today seem to neglect their health which will have its consequences as they grow older.

Later, I will share my motivation in writing this book of keeping fit after 40 and describe the physical changes that could happen to someone after making some simple, healthy lifestyle choices. In addition, I will touch on food and nutrition, fitness, sex (I know some people shudder when I say that word), sleep, quitting smoking and recommendations on useful exercise techniques that you can do to keep yourself healthy, fit and keep the passion in you alive. I have consulted several experts on sexual health, sought advice from a general physician and conducted research on the topics covered in my book.

I believe that being healthy is important not only to myself but others around me. Overall, it has helped me be a better person by allowing me to be effective in my life whether it be for work, family or friends and enhanced my connection to God. Furthermore, it has even supported my passion for travelling.

This book comes with an Activity and Meal Plan that you can reproduce and assist you in achieving your health and fitness goals. However, it is strongly advisable for you to be responsible for your own personal health and well-being. You are recommended to seek medical advice before you  embark on any exercise and diet regime.


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