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Most of people or English learners in Indonesia are Muslim. They need teaching materials that accustomed to their living as Muslims. These will make them easier to understand the form by content. Foreign language with foreign materials surely will be more difficult to understand, since the students do not accustomed to the culture. These reasons lead the authors conducted some researches on the use of some Islamic materials in English language teaching. Additionally it is a part of Islamization of science. The materials are being integrated with character education and use them as teaching materials in the classroom.

Noble Qur’an as one of the greatest miracles of Allah was revealed to the prophet Muhammad sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam as the finest source of discourse. So much knowledge can be found from the noble Qur’an include some models of language that can be used in language field especially in English Language Teaching (ELT). As one of the best miracle from Allah the Almighty, Noble Qur’an have been translated into many languages include English in order to spread the teaching inside. Its translation also has been completed so carefully to avoid any misinterpretation on its meaning. That is why the translation of the meaning into various languages should always be accompanied by its authentic scripts written in Arabic.

Research recently has mostly focused on any other sources of language teaching materials whether in fact, the Islamic materials will broaden students’ knowledge based on Qur’an as the best guidance from the Almighty Allah along with improving students’ English skills. So that constructing researches related to the Islamic terms as teaching materials especially in ELT are found very interesting. This book aims at revealing some Islamic researches in English language teaching. The authors had conducted some reaseaches based on Islamic perpective. It is expected that the book will bounce some benefits in English field. Authors

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